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So when I filled my inside flower tent I couldn’t fit this plant because I had let my plants get quite unruly.  So my neighbor had seen that giant plant and asked for a clone.  So I figured I would give her this plant. When I went to give it to her she asked me if she should bring it in when it begins to get cold. Well I just couldn’t let it go like that so I figured I use it as an experiment. I just put this plant in between my outside beds in a 7 gallon rainscience grow bag and left it alone to see what would happen.  I even only watered it when I watered the monster plants which was only 3 times the entire time outdoors!!!!  The  buds smell of sweet candied skunk. I harvest next weekend and am so pumped to taste this flower.  I used fox farm strawberry fields with happy frog soil conditioner.  In veg it was given recharge and that’s it!!  And by the way Dude, the name is pronounced jewf, I spell it Jooff.