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In-house put out 70 ten packs two years ago as a special 420 release and I got a pack.  I have grown and hunted this plant for two years and she is a keeper.  She does amazing both indoor and out. Last summer Scotty thought I was in Florida because of my flip flops and standing in front of a 12ft Jelly Gushers plant.  She is extremely PM resistant because that plant was touching a plant covered in PM and never skipped a beat!!  Inside I can really manipulate her and bring out some serious frost and deep rich color. I tell people the smoke is like a skunk rolled in fruity pebbles.  You have to work this girl though because she gets big so when you out it in a tent you have to be on your game or she will choke herself out. This was grown in a 4×4 shorty tent under the optic led slim 600h controlled by their master controller for sunrise sunset. They are in 7 gallon RainScience growbags with BlAckGold all natural and organic blend amended with Earth Dust from the Green Sunshine Company. I used Recharge and Mammoth P along with Mammoth SI. These are on week 5 and I gave them a push of Roots Organic HP2. She is a good one!!!!