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The macros are of the Slurricane I just entered into the Dank Nugs. The Jelly Ranchers is the other strain in the same 4×4. Out of the 5 seeds I got these two phenos and killed off the rest because of space. It looks good but it’s weed light a 1:1 and I grew is solely for the purpose of making edibles and tinctures for my mom who thought the Slurricane was wayyyy to potent!!  The entire concept of me finding my mom the right plant is insane. It’s insane because when I was 13 and got caught high for the first time, she sent me to Intensive Outpatient Treatment 3 days a week 3 hours a day.  Finally I was able to present my mother with enough evidence for her to not only try cannabis as medicine, but encourages my growing.