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Hanging Light’s for your indoor grow

I thought since there has been so much lighting talk lately I’d write something. Let’s start at the beginning. No matter the light, if you’re hanging more than one, I have a few tips. My system for hanging lights is based on a few factors. First is security. No not pit bulls. Securing the damn things firmly into the ceiling studs. I want to sleep sound knowing there is no chance my lights will crash down on my plant’s like the guy who didn’t secure his new television in those comical psa’s for stoned driving. Second is cleanliness. No not shower time, (though my new light’s could) but how many holes do I have to poke in my ceiling. This is important to me. I live in a place where the entire grow may need to be emptied in a few hours. Someone may be coming inside whether I like it or not, so I do not have time to make a bunch of building repairs to get the place looking “normal”. With knowing there is no chance lights will ever come crashing down and the mounting of them conforms to my minimalist nature, I will now explain my system.

This example shown is designed for the typical home grower hanging 2-3 lights over a 4 x 8 foot area. I have scaled this system to hold many more lights on much thicker poles for more commercial applications. I personally prefer to hang 3 – 600 watt hps over this area for many reasons in a typical 8 foot ceiling family home. Got 10’+ ceilings, a commercial mini-split with multiple tonnage, disposable cash, run those 1k+ bare bulb DE HPS cowboy/girl. You’ll notice I have a few Spectrum King 400+’s hanging in my example picture. So much cleaner without the ducting. Anyone who seen v2.0-3.0 of my music vid may notice a few I have going. 😉 Word Dude! Ok, the parts I use. I use a 10′ pole (sold in 10′ sections for about 10 bucks. No cutting required yey.) so I can have a foot on each end extra for safety and for hanging inline fans off of for example. I attach 2 heavy duty screw hooks into the studs 8′ apart. You can screw a 2×4 piece of wood into the studs first if you don’t have studs going the direction or have the spacing you’d like. Then hang the pole from it. One of my favorite things about the lights being on a pole is I have  8′ to slide lights anywhere on the rail. I also like how square the lights are to tables in hydroponic table/bed grows. No chance for the hoods to hang crooked. My new Spectrum King’s have a round circuit board the chips are arranged on. They can spin like disco balls for all I care now. Only 2 holes in ceiling per 3 lights. But more importantly, 2 quick adjustments to raise/lower the lights instead of 6 for example with hid hoods. Want to limit internode stretch? Make your life easier and slam them lights up n down on the gals daily if need be. Attach chains or wench system balla, and lower the pole with the lights attached. Leverage is your friend.

HID hoods I hang directly from metal triangles to pole.


My lights are pole dancers and have been stripping lately. Stripping insulation duct hose that is.


A 10′ pole, 2 heavy duty screw hooks, 2 S-rings, 2 D-rings, and some chain is all I need.


 I use a couple metal S-hooks and a few D-rings and it’s done. I bend one half of the S-hook to the D-ring joining them as one. Don’t need an accident. I can grab the S-ring/D-ring/pole, unhook it from chain and make the adjustment. This also allows me to walk around the outside of the plants to make adjustments. Now maybe you have 2 – 4′ x 4′ hydroponic tables in this space and you want to stagger your 8 week crop to harvest one 4′ x 4′ every month. Attach the lights to chains that hang from pole. Still only 2 holes in ceiling, but you can raise/lower lights individually. I keep an even canopy so I never concern myself with having all my lights level together as friends. lol. Hope this helps someone. I’ve walked into far too many “unorganized” grows where making light adjustments were practically impossible and lower harvests were the result. Step one to growing dense monster flowers, make your life easy. K.I.S.S. is my engineer motto after Essayons.

Growers  <3  DGC