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Hey Crew! I put this list of music together a while ago but never posted it.  I typically keep my content grow related and I didnt really think anyone would be interested in a post about music, so its been sitting in my folder of unfinished stuff.  Still not sure if anyone gives a crap what I’m listening to, but Scotty requested people share some music they like, so I thought I’d post it.  I tried to pick stuff that maybe you guys haven’t heard of.  I have pretty diverse musical tastes, so hopefully there is something here for everyone. 

Anyhoo, wasn’t gonna post this one, but Scotty requested music… so here ya go buddy!


Killer Mike/ Run the Jewels

Dope beats, deep lyrics, creative videos…

Bill Withers

Classic 70’s grooves, Positive vibes, hard not to sing along!  Type him in your pandora/spotify, you’ll get lots of other great stuff from the same time period.

Zion I

Bay Area hip hop. Music from my homeland. Lots of interesting beats and creative music videos.  I grew up near those hills/windmills.


Chill Cali Reggae. Great albums you can listen to all the way through. Started off really good and have gotten better with every album.

Unified Highway

The singer/guitarist from Rebelution with Amp Live from Zion I (both listed above).  A super cool collaboration by two of my favorites.

Operation Ivy

Upbeat Punk/ska type thing from Berkeley in the late 80s. They only made one album as Op Ivy but some of the members eventually went on to found the band Rancid. One of the best albums ever in my opinion. Check out the lyrics to the song “Officer”.

BlackBird BlackBird

Super Chill Electronic vibes. I went to school with this guy. We haven’t talked in ages, but I actually listen to his music a lot. It makes me happy to see him still making rad music and finding success. Very relaxing and great background music while working in the grow. He used to be the drummer in a metal band called “Murder Practice” so it kinda makes me laugh he makes such chill music now.

Doobie Brothers

More 70s Amazingness. If you aren’t already sold by the name, I dunno what else I could say to convince you. Maybe some amazing 70s hair will seal the deal…

Blues Traveler

For those times when you need more harmonica in your life.  I’ll admit its a rare problem, but still its good to be prepared.

Between the Buried And Me

A metal type thing… but also so much more than that. Crazy talented musicians, playing crazy complicated songs. Mostly metal but there is some hints of Pink Floyd, Queen, and other weirder stuff snuck in there too. This video still reminds me of Scotty making Recharge. When they play live, they play their whole super long incredible album in one sitting.

Andre Nickatina

Bay Area hip hop legend! More dank beats from my homeland.   The “A Tale of two Andres” album with Mac Dre is outstanding.


Thats all for now!

Hopefully you enjoyed the tunes and maybe found something new to listen to in the grow!

Thanks for listening and check out dudegrows.com/soup and @SoupTheGardener for more of my content!