Well, damn… I thought she turned out pretty good in the greenhouse. Looks like she loves the HPS lights even more than the sun. It’s chewy and hard to trim. Reminding me of end of season extra ripe blackberries . But smells like I guess, grapefruit And gas could kind of describe it. It smells fuzzy. Does not smell like lemons. It has its own smell that’s for sure. after running various packs of seeds, trying to find a winner, I just go back to really appreciating the work and time that goes into finding a gem like this one. Bottle nutrients Recharge 600 W HPS. A ton of fans. Blowing harder than I thought they should. But she put her wind screen on so? If it ain’t fucking broke? Why the fuck fix it? Good job JR. Trying out Soups adventure pack. Hopefully he is 60% as good as you at picking good ones! I hope I made you proud with your offspring. She hasn’t replaced my glue. Because my name is Sunny and I huff GLUE. But I do step out with Miss Cherry. My Joan Jett.