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Hey DGC, Happy Halloween from Prohibition land; Hope everyone had a great crop-tober. I recently decided to switch from flowering 8 plants in 5 gallon fabric pots to 4 plants in 20 gallon fabric bags that i can top dress and re-use after each flower cycle. I would really appreciate some feedback on this mix from all you organic experts.


PRO-MIX HP Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae- 3 cu ft

Homemade compost- 2 cu ft
Mother Earth Coco + Perlite Mix- 2 cu ft
Homemade Worm Castings-10 Cups

Amendments – added after base is mixed

Down To Earth Bio-Live 5-4-2 – 8 Cups
Down To Earth Oyster Shell- 3 cups
Insect Frass – 1.5 cups
Hi-Yield Muriate of Potash 0-0-60- 1 Tbsp per pot

Top Dress between cycles

Meigs Fertilizer formula 2 – 1 cup per pot
On this run, I will be watering in a liquid silca, but that will be replaced when i find a local alternative but No other liquid nutrients. Just cycling through URB natural, Fish Sh!t, Planet Earth Compost extract and obviously recharge on every watering to increase diversity on the rhizosphere. I don’t mix microbes, Just use a different one every watering so I’m never adding in plain water. There is a lot of organic matter in this mix for the microbes to feed on and populate so I only do a compost extract a maximum of once per week. Hopefully this mix makes sense. What all am i missing and what else can I do between cycles to make this mix better. All feedback is welcomed and appreciated.