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What up DGC! This is my 3rd Gelato 41 cross I’ve grown this year and all have been fantastic! 3/4 were by Loud Cannagenix and I can fully vouch for the quality of these genetics. Grown in a mix of bumper crop soil builder(local peat based soil blend) and Coco Loco(not loco with fungus gnats Dude!) amended with Espoma bloom(local organic amendments company). I amend light so I can use other food sources. Espoma has a fish and a bloom with microbes liquid I use once a week. Than I have my Big Bloom day and a Recharge day of course. Also top dress EWC occasionally. Tomorrow will be chop day on the first day of week 10. All 3 crosses I grew went 9-10 weeks. Trich pic was from 3 days ago. Not a big producer but superb Bag appeal and smell. Smells like gas and a light tropical fruity smell with a hint of the Fun Dip stick(was a childhood candy). Good strain for operating remote control cars.😂🥴(IYKYK)