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This Beautiful flower was brought to me by a friend of mine in Cali! Opening the jar i was very impressed. The last time i was in Cali the bud was not so good. That being said this bud looked like it just came out of a High Times Magazine. I am color blind so take my review for what it is. Very purple and full of trichomes. This flower has a little bit of green or yellow in it as well. The nug was dense but still most, not super dry like most Dispo buds. The Smell was intensely strong and smells like grape flowers pedals with a light skunk at the end.  The  smoke was smooth and the bud cured very well. The taste was similar to the terps but tasted more like its linage. Master Kush x SFV OG Kush.  That kush milted with some chem and skunk came through.  The high was definitely top shelf quality! I was super baked. I uploaded a Live strain Review on Facebook on my group Western Co Home Grown and on Youtube.