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What’s up Scotty, Dude, Guru and, members of the DGC? I wanted to submit pictures my sisters first grow. I’ve been guiding her through the grow with help of the DGC Discord group. Special thanks to JustAsmokin, Stoned Trout Bum and many more. So about the grow..

These are Blueberry Muffins from Humboldt Seed company. They were grown in Coco loco Bush Doctor that was amended with Down to Earth 4-4-4, Earthworm castings and bit of a kelp extract to start and Down to earth 4-8-4 during flower. Two weeks into veg she got Recharge and Silicium suggested by Jerin from New Mill.  Scotty said light was power so I chose the HLG 650r for the 4×4 tent. There where many setbacks but once she hit her stride it was smooth sailing…until I pushed it in flower. I told her to add some bottled nutes with what was already amended. It might have been to much as seen with burnt tips in flower. The cool thing is she learned to top, Supercrop and defoliate all by by video chat since I’m 500 miles south of the Red River in Prohibition Land.

Again much love to the DGC, Rasta Jeff and Jerin