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China glass incycler bong. Cheaper version of the elev8r. Apparently the DC elev8r is better but i don’t care, I’m a cheap skate haha. Open source diy project called the pinky which is awesome. Divine crossing v4.5 polished silicone carbide heater on a geek vape mod (this is not the best mod for this but its what I’ve got). And my old 2018 M dynavap that’s been upgraded with a 2018 titanium tip I picked up cheap and the new captive cap. And on the cap I’ve got the full metal jacket mod from simrell. What it does is extend the amount of time the cap stays hot, so you get a better hit. The ball vape revolution is all about making a thermal battery. So when you draw on your bong the air coming through doesn’t cool down the heater meaning you get a much more efficient extraction. These things really are game changers.