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I have a crazy idea that you guys might be into. I was just thinking about a comment I heard on your show about being an 80% grower and how you were talking about how difficult it can be to achieve that last 20% of the plant’s maximum genetic potential due to the exponentially increasing toll on resources. I think it would be great for you guys to put together a grow series on showcasing that concept.
To me it seems like doing this for indoor grows would be the best to control. I would suggest using a very common cultivar that’s familiar to most of us growers planted from clones so no one can bitch about it being designer genetics or pheno differences. I think a set of good “control plants” would be one in a coco/hydro medium and one in standard store bought or premixed organic soil. Give them both a solid and reliable mid range light and let them run at that 80% effort. Then have your crew run plants at the 90% range and another with all the best shit you can get your hands on and go dead nuts for that 100%. I know that could add up to a lot of plants in one place… but I think it would be incredibly interesting to see all the different options available at work and to show how bullshit hard it is to actually get close to that maximum we all strive for. Again, I know it’s a crazy idea and A LOT of work.

Keep up the great work and thanks for such an awesome show!