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Hey DGC,

The beneficials I purchased are the following:

1. Stratiolaelaps scimitus

2. Nematodes

3. Cucumeris

I will be adding number 1 first on the top layer of the soil as per the site I’m using https://bugswithbenefits.ca/cannabis-growing-ipm-plan#. Only thing is I don’t know if i should introduce the nematodes right away?

i will be adding the cucumeris on every second plant the next week then on the rest the week after that for overall general protection (i hope) combined with general ipm techniques from SOUPS ebook. Just looking for your take on if this is necessary (i already bought it so ill be doing it either way but knowing would help) I’m really fearful of having to harvest early again here because of a spider mite outbreak.

As for my previous post about flying things, i haven’t seen anything flying in a while but i went ahead and got nematodes anyway, for prevention. Thanks again guys, your reply’s are the best and highly appreciated.