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Pushing a hempy no till. Started with a clone that started in cloner for about 9 weeks and needless to say I had to cut the top to make a flap to squeeze her out. Started with the usual 1/3-1/3-1/3 using biobizz last round with ewc topdress plus some dragonfly earth medicine and compost teas. Now it’s amended with some buildasoil goodness and cover crop. Using their brew pack with different composts to bring some microbes plus the usual recharge, mammoth p, em1, Ron Wallace’s big pumpkin guy’s rhizophagus intraradices mychorrhizae. Coconut and aloe to boost the soil life and plants even more. Hoping to bring out the Terps. Stay irie. Also hitting her with the optic foliar thinking about alternating with a buildasoil kelp, micronutrient, amino. Not sure about using aact for foliar but curious to hear if anyone swears by it. Stay irie and growing.