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Hey DGC, growers love homieees! Going on 3 months jar cure with this beautiful Kahuna/GDP. Big shout out to Kahuna_dgc for the seed donation, these have been a real pleasure to grow. This is my 4th grow, total noob, still learning and figuring out my environment. Growing in a 5×5, 2gal pots with straight coco, Remo nutes, DIY auto top fed irrigation (drain to waste), under a hlg65 during veg and flowered under a 1600w blurple Mars II (I know I know it sucks). Flowered for 8 1/2 weeks. The aromas are super pungent and fruity. Best part is the taste, it’s like hitting a vape pen. Very grateful to Kahuna_dgc for this wonderful strain, Jmystro for putting up with my dumb questions and can’t forget all of our DGC Discord fam! Stay higher homies!!