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Kamikaze – Divine Wind. My 4×4 greenhouse has been through hell this year but has maintained a large Pineapple Chunk Plant through 30 degree nights and intense wind and heavy rain. That was until yesterday when a storm took my greenhouse and ran with it, ravaging my beautiful monster of a plant. It was netted and secure but now the branches are all bent and the buds are not pointing up. Nothing broke, but I’m wondering if I should harvest now(10-14 days early) or let it go and risk any further damage. The greenhouse has been re-secured but there’s slim to no chance I can move the buds back into the net properly with how large, sticky and tangled they are. This is my largest and most productive plant, I’m really heartbroken and want to do right by her. Should I harvest this weekend or finish out the bulking phase over the next 1-2 weeks? Help DGC!