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I’ve always had deference  to more experienced growers and though  I’m usually very happy with my results I’ve never considered what I grow “Dank.”

But this round I feel like I did pretty well.  2 gal rain science bags, HLG LEDs, AC infinity 4×4 (yeah just one plant, lost a tent due to operator headspace and timing 10 weeks ago), Jacks 321 plus Bio Ag Ful Power, SLF100, mammoth P and recharge only through week 6.  Took the yo-yos out last near end of week 11.  Plant immediately started leaning and “self harvested.”  Hung to dry at approx 70F, 55-60 RH.

BTW Guru, my 35 gal Res of Jacks 321 plus amendments has never drifted  more than .2 pH in any 10 day period

last pic is a larf bud I took last week and dried   It’s really good

Thanks  for all I’ve learned here.