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We have been growing for roughly seven years but consistently for the last 3.  When we got started we had one plant in a closet in a 5 gal., under a 90 watt ufo when LED’s first hit the scene. We read every book on the market,(These books where mildly helpful by the way. Sites like DGC far more useful.)  did 100s of hours of research and made adjustments accordingly. After lots of trial and error, we now run an almost complete t.l.o. system consisting of marine based ingredients. This winter however we have been playing with Dewey Misters and a “veganic” salt line Remo Nutrients.  Our soil has been cooking and being well taken care of since October. Its more then ready to go so this blog will consist of both methods. This will be a more in depth look at our grow style, and should show how simple this hobby can be. There will be no Ph/ppm pens required even in the aeroponics Dewey Misters. We will post a weekly garden summary.


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