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Want to get extra harvest out of a single tent? well follow my instructions!  Start a new run with autos make sure you check how long they should go 8 to 12 weeks.  If your growing one that typically takes 10 weeks, grow them till week 6 (month before harvest)  then start some photos in same tent, then when your autoflowers are finished your photos will be 3 to 4 weeks vegged!! And then only have to grow couple more weeks to flip to flower.  Then start autos around 10 to 14 days from harvest day so they have that time to start before you harvest the photos.  Can also start autos earlier I don’t because I like have more than 12 hours light but you could start 3 4 weeks before finish the photos just have your lights run from 8pm to 8am or whatever, I work at 8am so I leave at 730am so pull the autos before lights off and stick in window so can get more light, then at 8pm AFTER LIGHTS TURN BACK ON!!!! stick the autos back in the tent.. (I haven’t tried this yet but sounds good I’m trying next time I start autos)also seems like will be a pain to do daily I like to try new things to get more harvest out of the single 5×5 tent with a 6×6 plant count.. but doing this you cut 3, 4 weeks of veg on photos instead of starting new after harvest, and 1 to 4 weeks with autos so you’ll get extra harvest that year!! instead of 3 or 4 might get 5, 6!!!!   THIS IS ALL DONE IN ONE 5×5 TENT TO CUT TIME OUT OF GROW Works REALLY WELL DONT KNOW WHY IM ONLY ONE THAT DOES THIS.

On the podcast you guys called this out once kinda, from a YouTube comment that didn’t completely make sense  I didn’t really explain well, but Scotty I think was picking up what I was meaning i think everyone else thought I ment staggering 2 separate grows. but if you guys see this I think you will understand this time, this is all one tent with the 6×6 plant count (not fully legal yet in NY but I still go by plant count…)

(Haven’t seen anyone recommend this either) ⬇️

My other hack is in winter months I have heater fan with heater setting or fan only setting.    I had hard time keeping the proper Temps with lights off get to cold (I don’t have best heating in my house and with space heaters in bedroom I grow in still isn’t enough) but I have the heater fan blow across the bottom of tent.  It also keeps the pots soil and roots warm and that’s a bonus!!  Now I don’t have to have my furnace cranked and multiple space heaters to keep it warm in there. And actually running proper Temps now! this saves money electric hope you guys read  this on the show I really feel ppl should know this stuff really improved my growing experience

Thanks DGC I love the videos I just bought my 2nd 6oz recharge last month I’ve definitely noticed difference I’ve been pulling 50 to 100 grams more per grow! and photos seem to get to where I like to have them before I flip to flower a week earlier! also Guru should be more involved with the talking.  Thanks DGC your doing great!    # DGC for life