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Hi guys, I would give the normal speech saying how amazing the DGC is and how 99% of my knowledge is from you guys (seriously, no one else even comes close) but you must have that sonofabitch memorized by now!

I’m in my 2nd grow, first was a learning curve but shit is now dialed. My girls are as happy as Larry and can’t eat enough. I started foliar spraying some kelp extract, and they seem to love it. My knowledge on foliar feeding is extremely limited so I was hoping for some advice. The bottle says every 3 days but I’ve done a couple feeds now (2 in 5 days) on top of my nutes schedule and again they seem to be lapping it up. My dehumidifier is keeping things on point after feeding and I’m spraying just before lights off. Im just paranoid I might be feeding too much, or if there’s any factors I might not be considering as a foliar noob?

Thanks again guys for all you do. Not only is the dgc second to none when it comes to info, but your videos genuinely bring joy to my day. And thanks Chad and coach Steve for being such OGs and helping in pretty much every post! Dude, Scotty and Guru are the building blocks, but you guys are the glue!

(PS, I’m literally dying to get my hands on a dgc cap, how can I get one shipped to the UK?)