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Can you use to much kelp via foliage spray and watering of a plant? I have been using it 4 times a week foliage spray and every time i water, plants have grown amazing they are starting week 3 of flower and i haven’t stopped, it seems like the plants just keep growing more but not stretching, i have to defoliate every week. i mix 1/8 of a teaspoon per gallon in my sprayer, i only mist i don’t drench the plants, i mist them 20 mins after the lights come on and about a hour before the lights go off, i use clean water on the days in between for my foliage spray. humidity in the room stays at 45% when the lights are on and goes to 40% when the lights go off. these plants are 12/12 light from seed. things have begun to get frosty and no issues at all, colors great, growth is amazing. i add the same 1/8 of a teaspoon per gallon when i water, i have never gave these plants clean water when it is the clean water day i give them kelp water. they are on a bunch of nutes all at once and haven’t burnt any at all and i am very surprised by that, the pistol growth is crazy hairs almost half inch long or more. northern lights, GMO, sweet dreams, and Venus og are the strains i have been experimenting on. you could see the frost start up in week 2 of flower.