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I saved my Samsung Galaxy S6 just for the camera. As you can see, it still outperforms most phone cameras out there today. I used the bottom section of my kief box for the pic do to it’s glassy appearance on black. The black background makes the trichomes pop out, and the glassy surface gives a great reflection for the best pics.

This is my own strain I dubbed “Killmonger.”  It is Strawberry Kush x Banana OG x GSC grown in coco with veganic nutrients from General Organics.  The buds are dense, hard, tight, and aromatic. It’s a showstopper/crowd-pleaser, but I mostly keep it for myself because it keeps my schizophrenia in check, kills the pain from my degenerative spine, and even doubles as a sleep aid if I find myself up in the middle of the night.  Great medicine, and even better party favor!