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Kimbo review +Mike Allday​​ I got that smoke report on that Kimbo. I got it from a dispensary named Remedy that was at the Cannabis Cup in San Bernadino, California. I am told it was grown hydroponically. Although I did not ask how else. I brought an eighth home to smoke on during the week and be able to give a proper report. The nugs were very hard and I had to really squeeze to crumble it up, but that’s kind of the reason I chose this strain. I roll number 2 pencil-thick J’s with orange Zig-Zags and Raw wide tips. The smell was 91 Octane. The inhale was smooth and a little cooling. I smoke the whole Jay and can feel the effects in my head after 3 puffs. By the time I’m finished, I can really feel the high pulsating in my face. I remain highly functional and even very focused. No couch lock effect. Deep focus and even a bit of energy especially when mixed with my morning coffee. Definitely grow that shit. Great day smoke for work, chores, or overall mood enhancement. Louis XIII OG report coming soon. Not my own Louis Though. I’m thinking of the DGC Cup in Denver. If it’s up to “The Dude’s” standards. ✌???? – blak botany