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This is from my second round in Michigan.  Had too many issues with the people I did the last round with and I’m happy to say we’ve parted ways.  Had quite a few issues with my second round as well.  Completely yellowed out and loosing large amount of leaves when I took over. Got things looking good pretty quickly.  During week 2, left RO on over night. Flood the grow and washed out some mobile nutes. Caused some yellowing to return.  Beginning of week three I get a call from my new people.  Realize lights have been on 24 hours a day for probably four or five days. Took them back to 48 hours dark and restart flower phase at day one. Things got a lot better from there and we ended up with some decent nugs. The wizard mix. Same nutes as before minus the raw powder. Add Herculean Harvest and Bloom Khaos.