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G’day DGC from down under!

Absolutely love the show and everything you guys do for the scene. I love listening to all of your advice and especially like the technical knowledge Guru brings, as i’m a bit of a tech nerd myself.

I personally have a small 2x2x5 tent with a HLG 135w V1 light that absolutely kills it. I’m able to get around 6oz when i fill the tent and i use the Canna Bio line as well as Canna Terra medium. No fancy EC meters needed.

I have a friend whom i helped set up his first tent. We went with a 2x4x6 tent with a HLG knockoff (Budget restrictions) which is 240w at the wall with 2 HLG style QB288 LED boards on it (alibaba special). It is 3500k with some 660nm diodes.

He uses the same medium, nutrients, fabric bags, and even my old exhaust fan. He grows in a similar environment (outdoor garden shed) which gets very hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

His 4 plants (Quality genetics: T.H.Seeds, Karma Genetics, and a cutting from me) all look healthy enough, but have tiny buds! His plants are at week 5 of flower, and his pistils are all mostly brown and trichomes are mostly milky with some amber already. WTF. It looks like airy blurple buds.

I immediately assumed his light was trash, but after using my phone to test the lumens (I know guru, not the same as ppfd but all we have to measure with) it wasn’t that far off the same readings i get from mine. Then we also remembered, this was his second grow… and his firt one yielded almost 10oz from 2 plants that didn’t even fill the room.

Then i saw his exhaust ducting had been wrapped in a t-shirt at the exit point in an attempt to quiet it down. This meant the airflow was so restricted it was almost non existent. So (finally) my question is, could the plants be using up all the available C02 and unable to get any real size to them? I thought the early ripening may have been pollination, but there is no signs of swollen calyxes or seeds. Then i thought heat stress… but mine go through similar punishment in the harsh Aussie summer. The only real difference is i have a high powered 190 cfm 4″ adjustable fan that i can crank when it’s hot, whereas he has my old ebay special that does 120 cfm with double the space and probably much less when restricted by a t-shirt. He’s pretty disappointed, and i would be too… given i veg for 24-28 days from seed and get great results, and he’s vegging for 6-7 weeks and getting small buds. They smell great, have sugar all over the leaves, look healthy, but again… lacking size and density.

First 2 pics are his plants (Buds are around the size of your finger and quite airy), last 2 are of one of my Seedsman Black sugar that i recently grew (Main cola the size of your wrist and solid).

Keep up the amazing work (p.s. i wish we could get Recharge down here, organics for the win!)