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What’s up gentlemens? I am still very new to growing and especially growing with DWC, it was recommended I start this way although I know scotty would disagree. I’ve crammed a lot of research in the last year but i’m still stumped I think. For the first time I had a disaster using this pretty solid grow method called DWC, assuming you have a lot of technology or a lot of time, it works for me. So for the first time a plant mid bloom essentially looks like it was a little over-watered at first, drooping leaves near bottom( even though the roots are submerged),which is confusing. So ive been growing this MacDawg cut since veg in the same reservoir and everything was going well until mid bloom. I noticed the roots continued to grow quite healthfully the entire time (no signs of root rot), but after a week or two of the plant looking a little stunted, even though pH, EC, VPD were perfect, the leaves started to wilt to death. So I think i know the problem, IM JUST WONDERING if anyone else has experienced this? My common sense would say the plant requires more oxygen as the buds grow and develop. and in a 15 gallon reservoir one 6″ air stone was not enough to support the full bloom cycle. I also did a bottom trim of some popcorn buds around the same time it went down. Lack of oxygen and trim stress cause a meltdown? Thank you if you read this story.