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Hello DGC! Coming at you from the land of probation! In my state I’m nearly completely surrounded by legal states… how Fn stupid is that! Fortunately that List of dumb ass senators seems to get smaller by the day! thanks to great people and organizations like the DGC!
I was introduced to cannabis like most of us… through a friend of a friend…. over the years I have been faithful to Marry Jane as my only crutch to get through life. No real schedule 1 drugs, just good old weed. I have teenage daughter who I have been open with their whole life. I explained why i use it, and the harder question why “they” say i cant. At this point they don’t agree with me as a user, but they understand why people should have a choice. I bring them up because that’s not a subject we hear alot about and maybe worth a deep dive. “Insert announcer voice”…Kids in cannabis how to cope with dope….. Dude I know you have told us many stories about your son and his pussy stick lol…. anyway… so starting my 3rd grow now , last years grow I started with a batch of clones and had a 100% success rate, problem was didn’t need them all. so as a test I kept it under a very small led and flowered it. Yep one small bud is all it had. I heard the rumblings on re veg and thought WTF let’s try it! Now that I am as ble to start again, took a clone from the original clone, grew it out for a short time, then took another clone. Now that has turned into a Bush and has supplied me with a undisclosed number of plants lol. I used Peat pellets then planted into 5 gallon radical bags, typically I do the 1 gl -3gl -5gl but always thought I was was doing more harm than good. What better way to learn than hands on! My soil is happy frog that I “dilute” with lots of perlite. Sticking with the salts for now trying the fox farm stuff this time along with this stuff called Recharge, used it last year and wow it works! Scotty is smiling now! ….I have the environment figured out thanks to the #VPD Chart. Using old school 1000 watt MH. Want a led but do t have the funds. Only missing the co2, Maybe next grow. This is all just for fun and good smoke. Strain is Strawberry Bannana . Also popped a Skunk#1 to try, I will try and keep you in the loop and just wanted to say thanks for bringing us great content, giveaways, deals, knowledge, laughter and the Guru! Scotty i didn’t forget about you, screw the haters smoke a joint in every episode!
And to quote an old series I used to watch … peace love and pot!