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Ok all, so first off, many thanks to Dude, Scotty, Guru and the new gang over there at the DGC who have helped me learn the Jedi ways of Recharge and how to get killer buds. Family. Without you all, I’d still be doing what I did on my first grow ever….. terrible watering, not measuring nutes, horrifying transplants, no trimming….. jeez I can keep going… lets just say I kept the first “harvest” I ever had just to remind myself that I can ALWAYS do better.

I have a somewhat technical question: my Granddaddy Purple photoperiod plants from ILGM have a couple things going on that I find to just be a little weird. According to Bergman, his GDP seeds flower to finish at 9 weeks which is 63 days for all you common core kids out there. 🙂 JK. Now hypothesis: if I’m at 70 days, and I still have not successfully arrived at ready to harvest (peak trike milky wave/ambering), would you say that I have not dialed in all my variables? The plants are beginning to fade for sure, and its gonna be time to move them to a dark period soon but it just seems weird.

All 4 plants are clones from 1 original mother plant that had a root rot issue, and I turned her into 8 beautiful clones. These are the last 4 to finish up and they really are lovely, I can’t complain (many thanks DGC!) I am in 5 gal fabric pots, my own blend of Fox Farms soils, perlite, Down to Earth amendments, and build a soil top dress. Sunshine arriving via Mars Hydro 4800 all sitting in a AC Infinity 4×4 with their filter and air system (many props to AC Infinity… really nice and quality stuff). All plants receiving a scheduled water, feed, recharge as needed – I see my plants 3x a day and I really go by the 50% and drier rule… if the pot feels light, its time to water. When I hit the 2-5 weeks of flowering, I’m a little more religious to make sure to give them what they need and they tend to pack on weight. I have also recently (4 weeks ago)  added the Exhale Bags just as an increased measure to keep the environment a little more dialed in. All plants were trained on the mother plant, and then cloned with 2 primary branches that I topped 2x and lolipopped everything else off the bottoms before flipping to flower. Its just a nice little sea of White Claw can sized colas now so again… I’m not complaining. A couple of them are showing manganese deficiency but again… we’re pretty late along in this game at day 70 so I’m really not concerned. Now a couple other things to note – there are still a ton of white pistils coming out of these girls… like.. enough for me to say it can easily run another 5-7 days before they are all mostly orange as they continue to pack on weight. Now, last thing, my environment is dialed in (83* daytime, 65-70* night) I’ve been gradually decreasing the temperatures trying to initiate a “fade to purple” but the plant refuses to do so. I’m down to 75* day and 60* night. Humidity has been around 50%-60% and slowly decreasing as the days go by. All the other 4 clones that finished before these each only expressed the tiniest bit of purple in the actual flowers, not the fan leaves, but ONLY after a 36-48 hour total dark period. Oh also to be clear, we’re at day 70 from flipping the lights to 12/12. At week 8, I switched them gradually to 11/13 and now they are on 10/14 with the sunshine getting decreased a couple percentages each couple of days to get me down into a slightly lower PPFD target range for finishing. Based on the lights documentation, I should be right at about 800-900 now.

Am I just being impatient, or is it typical to have pretty large variances in finish times like this? Like, is Bergman saying that in the middle of perfect grow environment with everything in the plants life happening perfectly and it will be totally ready in 63 days? So any variable I introduce will extend that…just seems weird that it would be 10-14 days longer than specified by the breeder.

Thanks all