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Figured I’d give the dank nugs 1 last shot. This strain is my Sour apple & Macrib crosses from cannarado genetics. She’s my pressing strain and used primarily for my extracts. That’s what she was bred for. She has a awkward structure with huge fans that I cut off constantly to try and control her and keep her uniform. But she’s worth the trouble and time in my opinion. She has a smell that’s more sour than fruity but still has a sweet aftertaste. I grow drain to waste hydroponics in coco and perlite 50/50 fed 2-3x a day. Grown under the Growers choice roi720 and master controller with co2 enrichment, nutrients are Coco blend AN sensi grow and bloom 2 part or Remo nutrients supercharged pack. Some strains prefer one over the other. She gets a weekly kelp foliar feed and B vitamins every 2 weeks. She’s around 25% returner on the press depending on witch part of the plant the nugs are from. Long live the DGC!