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Hey DGC, I need a bit of help. this girl is an Afghani in week 9 sitting in living soil (coot mix) in a 2×2.  She still has a couple of weeks to go.  This is my third run in this mix and i’ve had hiccups every run late in flower even after amending. The deficiency is progressively getting worse, not affecting all the lower leaves,  just where the light is most. I’ve dimmed my cobs (rapid led 150) down to 50% as of this morning, 60% humidity and 80-85°. I’m not chasing the issue trying to fix it this run but need to do some amending for the next run. Appreciate y’all sending out the Patreon plant deficiency guide, I was leaning toward a potassium deficiency due to the crispy edges but just not sure on this one. Any thoughts are much appreciated.