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What’s growing on Dude, Scotty, Guru and everyone else!? I have a handful of grows under my belt and I’ve always struggled in late Flower. I’m in week 10 since I flipped to 12/12 and no amber trichs. Lights are 12 cob cxb 3590 running at 1400 mA and 16 in above canopy. Air Temp 75-81 F and ~40% rh. Soil temp 70 F. Ladies are in 5 gal smart pots with home-made compost. I top dress weekly with nature’s pride veg (6-3-3.5) then bloom (2-5.5-5.5) when I flip the lights. I use ro water and add .4 ec cal-mg. I use Recharge weekly in veg and flower. My exhaust fan runs 24/7 and I have oscillating fan for air movement. So what’s up with my ladies? I think they look sickly and have too many leaves dying since I’m not seeing amber trichs yet.