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What’s up DGC,

I’m a medical user in recreational prohibition land. I grow because my state has sterilized the products available to me so much, I can’t get my hands on real medicine. This is week 7 of my 3rd grow. I am almost never home so I need a grow style that allows me to leave my girls alone for 3 days at a time, sometimes up to a week. I am currently growing in 60% coco, 30% Perlite, 5% worm casings and 5% bio char. For nutes I use Dr. Earths all purpose organic 4-4-4 for veg & Dr. Earth Flower Girl 3-9-4 starting about 2 weeks before I switch to flower. Starting of veg the nutrients are mixed into the coco and after 5 weeks I top dress the rest of the way. Watering with RECHARGE (It’s amazing) and aloe powder whenever I can hand water, about once a week.   When I’m away I use tap water at a pH of 6.1-6.4 with a home made self watering system. The tent is 2×2 with a HLG-550 V1 & 3 pucks from Rapid LED. UV-A puck for flowering, Red puck for flower, and the far red puck for 15 minutes after the main lights go out. There is a 4 inch fan with a carbon filter and an small internal tent fan. There are pre-filters for the air coming into the tent and going to the carbon filter.

My problem, to the best of my knowledge, is the Ca & Mg. I am constantly getting deficiencies and then tip burn when trying to fix it. Rather then watering with a Cal-Mag product I have using Azomite. I mix it into the entire medium at first and then top dress after about 6 weeks. What are your thoughts on this? Is there anything else that will be safer? better? I know my girls are not reaching their full potential and it hurts.  Trying to figure how to maximize potential while still working within my time constraints.