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I just entered the smartphone world a few months ago and learned how great podcasts are. My nephew introduced to dude grows at thanksgiving and I have been listening since. I love the songs by the way. I have been growing no till outdoors for around 8 years and indoor (in a conex) for about three years. I started no till indoor out of laziness when it was a pain in the ass to carry 10 gal fabric pots 100 yards or so to my compost hutch, because my four wheeler was taken apart. I am writing to answer dudes question about how to get the plant into no till pot. This is what I do. Not saying it’s the best or right but works for me. When I clone I put cuts in solo cups and the stay there for about three or four weeks then they go into the pots of the plants just harvested (i harvest about every three weeks) when I harvest I let the soil get pretty dry ( when the clover cover crop just starts to wilt) then I pull out my switch blade wave it around in a threatening manner … then i kill that bitch. But really I use a knife with a six inch blade and cut around the stalk leaving a solo cup size hole for the clone, i water with compost tea re innoculate and plant the clone. So I am going from mother to solo cup to final pot. Works for me