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Hey DGC!  I made sure I did my googles and I’m certain I’m dealing with nitrogen deficiency here. My question is, is it too late to use recharge in flower?  I’ve used it during every transition, like transplanting, topping, defoliation, and flipping. Every time it’s been an explosion of green.  I’m about 21 days in flower right now.  The white powder in the photos is the elemental cal/mag top dress.

Im using Great Lakes water only soil in 7 gal fabric pots.  So far it’s been a dream coming from bottled nutrients.  I just have to make sure my water is filtered for chloramine as the ph Is handled  by the soil with the lime in there

I’m running an hlg 260 in a 2x4x6 and I have one femmed blueberry and two Michigan mouth by thug pug.