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Hi Guys,

I am using biobizz light soil with 25% extra perlite added and biobizz nutrients at half strength with recharge once a week, mammoth p and silica at half strength. Growing under a spectrum king 402 120 at 110cm above canopy and a Lumatek ATS200w 60cm above the canopy ( I have moved this to 80cm now). Temp is around 27-28c and keeping the vpd between 1-1.3. They are autos. All is going well apart from two plants.  Both are going quite light green. The plants seam to have different problems the one against the back wall on the right (double grape) and last 3 pics that’s further in flower has been going light green over last two weeks and is 40 days from seed. I think it might need stronger food but some leaves are also going mad. I started to give half strength cal-mag for the last 3 waterings. Not sure if that’s the problem. The other one bottom left plant  is gb xl 34 days from sprouting, that’s started to go funny yesterday. All I did after feeding  was change it’s position in the grow room from in the middle directly under the spectrum king to further away from it so it’s  next to the lumatek that should be 30-60cm above the canopy. I was wondering if this is light burn. I also fed it full strength grow and bloom on week 3 off the feed chart and the other stuff on chart was half strength. Thanks for your help guys. This is a fantastic community 💚