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Hey dudes just discovered the show. Loving it so far especially the deep cuts from the “guru”. My question is about leaf stripping in flower. I am running 7 plants in a 8×2 closet and it is getting very crowded. This is only my second grow and first in this 8×2 space. I have managed the canopy pretty well i think and it is even and fully covers the 8×2 space with lots of tops. I am 15 days into flower and thinking it is about tome to do some leaf stripping. I am a little apprehensive as it is my first time taking leaves off the canopy. My plants are very healthy but the room is very crowded. So far i have only taken off the dying leaves at the bottom that are in the dark. My question is now a good time to do some defoliation to the canopy? Should i wait for the “stretch” to complete? Also what about “lollipoping”? Shod this be done at the same time as the canopy defoliation or is it better to spread it out over a few weeks ? Love the show and my new bag of recharge works great