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Hey DGC!

Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru and the faithful DGC! I just voted with my dollars and am now DGC official baby! I have been listening to you guys for almost a year now and because of your amazing approach to sharing knowledge I am getting ready to wrap up my 4th grow. All this came from using clones from one plant that I cloned back in Feb 2018. This plant came from a bag seed. Lol. She provided 8 strong and virile clones! The original mom plant grew to about 5.5 feet and provided about 8 ounces dry weight from her harvest. I decided with the most recent two to do an early top to make an attempt to manifold the plant. That failed but I was able to stretch the plant out so I could get an even canopy and the flowers all love the light they are getting. I’m getting ready to find some Afghan, as recommended to me, so I can grow and try to make some RSO for a friend recently diagnosed with stage 3 skin cancer. Any recommendations on a cultivar to go with or breeder? I just ordered the book for RSO by Rick Simpson himself and am looking forward to helping a friend. Please let me know if anyone has advice or suggestions.

Enjoy the pictures of my latest plants and feel free to comment as I am new.

Excited to make medicine!

As always, thank you DGC

Mike Horrizzae