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I was watering the plant the same as my plants in the 7 gal fabric pots coco/perlite. This one is in a 3 gal nursery pot with perlite in the bottom about 4 inches thick. I was watering it in at about 1200 ppm as the other plants were fine with that. I have backed way off on even them now as another is showing signs of this. I flushed the one that was worst the one in the hempy like bucket. I was watering it from the bottom and had a little air stone in there for good measure when it was drinking. I think I let it get to wet and ever since it hadn’t looked right

The leaves started by having some burnt tips which was fine and it was healthy. Over the past week I have seen this one go from healthy to wilty and dried up looking. I have never seen this happen before. The leaves started by curling under. As in they sort of rolling themselves lengthwise with the underside of the leaf on the inside. Then turned brown and then just completely dried up crispy. The leaves on the flowers that are normally sticking out and pretty are also brown and dry. I cant believe how fast it happened. The flush didn’t seem to help much but i may not have flushed it enough. It is probably a bit root bound but that wouldn’t have caused this.

If the explanation is confusing please let me know. I forgot my camera so I will post a pic update soon hopefully. Is this a sign of nute burn? Extreme nute burn maybe? The runoff was way high I just wouldn’t have thought about it happening so fast. Other than backing off the nutes is there anything else to be done? One other one is showing signs of it an I don’t want it to happen to it. Thankfully I have been watering them from the top with runoff in the fabric pots. Should I just use plain water for a while I am 6 weeks into flower btw