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DGC producer here,

Having a smooth start to mephisto 3 bears OG in my ac infinity 2×4 and rain science.  Growing with Recharge and grow dots in happy frog under black gold seed starter.  Temps steady 70 night to 76 day time, humidity has been a battle lowest I saw was 41 but normal is high 40s to mid 50s.  Light is viparspectra xs2000 at 75% power about 24 inches above canopy.

Started my training and things started crazing, even though they don’t seem to grow the best with lst at least yet. These girls are 3 weeks old and about 1 week trained.

During my training I noticed the 2nd set of branches new shoots have some ugly leave tips on just set. Then another one (with most Grow Dots, all are different)  has the same look on 1 fan leaf but it looks issuing from the side not tip of leaf.

Please any ideas would be very appreciated! I have noticed a couple fruit fly/fungus gnats just today for first time and sticky traps are coming. I just really can’t see them being the causation.