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hey guys i have 2 mix and match seeds here (could be auto, fem, or regular, i know i know i should have asked more questions before i ordered but i have em now so lets see what they all about). because of the chance of an auto i opted to do these seeds in 3 gallon pots. i forgot to write down when i planted them. its been about a month though. temps are consistent 24 to 25c during day and 21 at night (77f/70f) humidity fluctuates depending on watering but normally sits about 60/65% (low 50 high 70, its in my simple basic closet grow that has a light, a fan, and a blanket as a door so i’m at the mercy of ambient). the plants are in stepwell supersoil with no extras. only recharge and pH water so far (i plan on top dressing some stuff soon). lights are 2, 48 watt quick grow LED (1.9 u/mol ish) set about 12-20 inches away (i have had plants grow into these lights and touch them in the past with no issues). every since “birth” these 2 seedlings have had warped leaves. 1 more than the other but both. the leaves are huge! bigger than any plants i have seen before. larger than my hand by far!  about the last week or so i noticed near the end of the day the leaves turn upside down. i’m not sure what would cause this. the soil used works well with the other plants i have and its not far enough along to have used the nutrition in it. ph has been good. any ideas what’s causing this? i’m at a loss, cant find anything on google, might need gurugle to help. my opinion so far is bad genetics but i’m hoping im doing it wrong. the first 2 pics are of the plants that turns its leaves upside down the last 2 are the other one. (i named the seeds “pandora”, and the closet is named “pandoras box”)