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So I replaced all the outlets in my basement of this new house. And noticed none have any ground wire. Just white and black 12 ga-2 wire.

I have 3 plugs now on a 20A breaker for 2 240watt quantum boards and an ac infinity cloudline T6 . More than enough amps. Big dehumidifier on another breaker keeps the entire basement 45 rh if I want it. Temps stay good too so no need for extra AC that I can think of.

But this wiring goes up into the ceiling/floor of the upper level and then back down to the separate basement 100A service. So it would be a major pain to re fish some romex through.

What do you think about no ground in a grow room? I’ve been told led will glow all night when off if no ground?  I’ve never seen this or heard of this?  Going to hook a light up tonight just to test.