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LED build Part 2

Frame & Heatsink Install

I cut 2pcs of 3/4” aluminum angle 40” long. This will leave space of 8” in the middle for drivers to be installed. The aluminum sheets are attached to the 3/4” angle with 3 rivets per side each.

The 16” x 21” aluminum sheets were sanded with 140 grit sand paper before installing the heatsinks. I be-leave this will create a larger surface area for the thermal compound to help transfer heat and to remove scratches from the scrap sheets aluminum. Then all parts are cleaned with 99% alcohol.

To attach the small heatsinks, apply a rice sized amount of thermal compound to the heatsinks. Place the heatsink in the required location. Press very hard with a twisting motion to spread and force the thermal compound out. This will force it into the little scratches made my the sandpaper and eliminate air pockets. Mix and apply J B weld to the corners and leave over night to cure.

44mm holes are drilled for the large heatsink. We want the COBs to be in direct contact with the heatsink. Slots are filed out with a chain saw file for the wires, making sure that all corners are rounded with no burs. 2 more holes need to be drilled for the mounting the heatsink. These need to align with the mounting holes on the heatsink. I used 6-32 x 2 1/2” screws with nuts to mount them and re-tapped heatsinks for the 6-32 screws. When installing, place the nuts between the heat-sinks and aluminum sheet. The screws should be a 1/2 turn past contact with the aluminum sheet, then tighten the nut to the aluminum sheet being careful not to turn the screw. This will keep everything nice and firm.

Any and all comments or questions are more then welcome.

Part 3 coming soon.