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Good day to all the awesome DGC’ers and a very special thanks to the Dude, Scotty and Guru for keeping it real.

I have been building LED systems for a few years with my main objective being low cost and efficiency. Finding part and suppliers is very hard where I live and shipping is a bad word. Its about a 12-14 hour drive to the closest big city, very nice drive. So I must keep the cost down. Sometimes finding one mans trash and turning it into another mans grow treasure. Old computers are a good example. They have heat-sinks, wires, power cords and the case can be used for the housing. Stores that are closing up shop may have some aluminum casing and shelving that can be used for building frames. When it comes to LEDs and drivers, it gets a little harder to lower cost.

LED build Part 1

Suppliers and Materials

Taking first place on my list of suppliers for this build is RapidLED.com. With top quality products, fast shipping, excellent pricing and excelling in customer service, there is no better. Just ask Growmau5, his YouTube channel is full of inspiring builds and info.

Second is Digikey.ca. Fast shipping and good customer service.

Third Mouser.ca. Fast shipping. Customer service is ok.

Forth Amazon.ca and .com

For materials


24 pcs Cree XPE-HE Photo Red 660nm Solderless $3.25usd each

8 pcs Cree XP-E Red 620nm Solderless $ 3.75usd each

You can save 25 cents each, if you buy the solder type. With solderless, just connect with supplied wire.

1 RapidLED T-shirt, because they are cool.


8pcs Bridgelux BXRE-30E6500-D-73 V22 3000k $11.91cdn each.

As per spec. sheet 155 lpw at 1400mA 35vdc 49watts. 161 lpw at 1050ma.

Other COBs are 30% or more for the same output and may not be as efficient for the price.


2pcs Meanwell HLG-185H-C1400B $65.79cdn each

Amazon.ca and .com

MX-4 thermal compound 20g $23.50cdn

I have a XP power DLG150PS1050-A driver that been sitting around for a few years this will be for the red LEDs and future upgrades. Specs are 143vdc 1050mA 150.1w max

Heat-sinks, fans, power cord and some wire from scrapped computers. Scrap sheet aluminum 2pcs 16”x21”x1/8”. 2pcs 3/4”x8′ angle aluminum from local shop $22.00cdn.

COBs will be spaced 12” and 15”apart. 15” spacing is on the 21” length. The 620nm and the 660nm will be spaced 2-1/2” apart, with 2 660nm placed on centre with the COBs on the 21” length. As you can see I have lots of room for future upgrades.

Thanks to GrouMau5 for all he does for the DIY people out there and his thrive of knowledge.

With great respect, I put the his sticker in all the pictures. Hope your cool with it.

Inspiration comes from the Dude and Scotty for starting the DGC and getting the word out. You guys have made a big change to people mindset for the better. If it don’t have Recharge in it, it’s not my build.

I hope this was helpful and not to boring. Any and all comments or questions are more then welcome.

Part 2 coming soon.