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What’s up boyssss

I’m in flower of the first grow and I’ve just purchased a 240w 2700k quantum board and also just did some research on diodes.

Most diodes only do two things regulate current in one direction and block it completely in the other direction. Therefore an LED cannot be dimmed. Using pulse width modulation (PWM) you can change the duration of the duty cycle of the AC square wave signal and as a result create a dimming effect, but really the light is just turning on and off periodically.

Could these small bursts of light stress out the plant? Or are these bursts of light too fast for the plant to realize just as our eyes can’t perceive the light flickering on and off. I assume nothing acts this way in nature but clearly we haven’t had a problem with this phenomenon before.

I’d love to hear your input guys, and pictures of my platinum huckleberry cookies x alien orange cookies are to come.