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Hey Dude, Scotty and Guru. Great Show I appreciate all the advice ive been listening about 4 months now and only being on my 4th grow I’ve learned a ton. I also really l hope I can make it to the Dude Grows Cup next year, or maybe you could bring a cup to Arizona for me! Thanks ahead of time for all the help!

I am currently Vegging in a 5×5 tent with a 600w Eye Hortilux Blue Ceramic MH. I am close to switching over to flower but am thinking about using an LED for flower instead of the HPS bulb I have. Plus I have 2 tents and would like to keep one for veg and one for flowering so I dont have to move my lights around. Is it common to veg with a HID and Flower with LED? I have been looking at the 5×5 Chilled logic pucks from RapidLED and I think I’m sold on them but I’m still new to LEDs so if there are better options then the Chilled pucks I’d appreciate any input I can get. I also saw that Hortilux has a new light thats a full spectrum LED coming out in June that has a sunset mode to help put the plants to sleep and I’m really interested in that an was possibly gonna just flower out these last girls with the HPS I have and wait to pick up the hortilux LED in June. Any thoughts?

I also had some questions about Topping and defoliation. I use Coast of Maine Stonnington Blend with Recharge and Mammoth P. I grow from seed and its been 41 days since I planted them I was wondering how long after the seed sprouts does week 1 veg start? I was also curious when the best time to first top the plant would be and if its common to top twice in veg and if so how long after the first topping do I top again? I am hoping to do a sea of green method but from pics and videos I’ve seen of ppls beautiful canopys filling the scrog net I’m just a tad intimidated and being somewhat a perfectionist I want it to look the best i can. And finally when it comes to defoliation in Veg how long should I wait to start defoliating and what exactly am I supposed to defoliate because iv read alot about just taking the big fan leaves but I’ve done this before and the plant looks real janky for a few days and depending on the strain really slows growth but after it comes back it really does look bushier and more full, so I’m a little hesitant if it’s good or bad. Am I defoiliating wrong an too soon by taking all the fan leaves around 25-30 days from planting the seed?  I’m really trying to get down a full schedule from seed to harvest with like a breakdown of which weeks to top, defoliate, lollipop, when to stop recharge and Mammoth p etc..if anyone has a good  full cycle they follow with a similar organic grow and would be willing to share thatd be great! I also just became a paying member of the DGC and am still learning to navigate the site so if there areas for members only that could help me I’d appreciate the help with that too. Sorry for the long post but it’ll make a good informative podcast!

Thanks again,Cannabiseur710