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Good Morning Guru, Scotty and the Dude, I have looked at many LED Lights and it appears if your on a fixed income such as I you can’t afford a Spectrum King or a HLG. I have read enough to know there are Kits available at a little below cost. Guru and the rest of the DGC is there a place I can order all the parts from and assemble it myself. I have electrical experience and can set up for 4-5 hours before I have to lay back down. Another thing is with my ceiling restrictions should i be looking at a COB style light or a heat Shrink Board style light. If I could find the complete direction on what color and watt light goes where and the info to order everything from I thick I can afford to build my own. HELP GURU. GROWMAU5 AND THE REST OF THE DGC. It will be for the tent mentioned in my first question. Thanks for all the help Chuck Diesel