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Hey DGC!
I have an 11×12 space with 12’ ceilings. I have an HLG 600 rspec, HLG Blackbird, and a Spider Farmer SF 4000. All lights in flower are around 2’ from canopy and run at 70%. For my next run I have more plants and need more coverage. Obviously I should buy more lights but that’s not in the budget at the moment. So my question is if I raise the lights higher and turn them up to 90% will I get more coverage area with the same par at canopy or will it just be the same or lower. I noticed the bigger rooms always seem to have the lights up close to the ceiling but they also have a shit ton more lights. So what’s your advice ? Will this work for me or should I just cull some plants until I can get more lights?
thanks In advance. Keep on rocking!