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Hey dudes! I was just watching an episode where you guys had a builder who does large scale commercial grows in Massachusetts. We are residents of Maine looking to go for our first large scale grow. As of always being a fan of high pressure sodium we want to make the switch for LED. I have finally been convinced that they yield and produce quality similar or sometimes better than HPS. The set up looks kind of like this. We Are planning on going with six vertical racks of two levels each something with a total of 24 lights given that each rack will probably need four lights, two for the bottom and two for the top.

There’s so many different manufactures we don’t have a huge budget right now but we want to invest in something that is pretty decent but won’t make us go broke I see so many growers in my area spending $60-$70,000 on LED lights for their massive scale grows and have no money for other items, basically poor planning. It’s a real thing when we see shops with all of their equipment set up but they’re not growing yet. We definitely watch the books pretty closely and I think a good budget for LED lights would be around 10 to 15,000 which sounds like a lot of money but in the LED game doesn’t really get you a lot. One of the companies I’m looking at is Sunplix basically they are replicas of the spider and the Gavita style lights https://www.sunplix.com/product/spled-g2-series-led-grow-light-2/. I have also looked at growers choice But i haven’t contacted the company yet for bulk discount. Is there a recommended light of that style that’s in our budget that will give us the highest quality light? If we had the big budget we would go with Fluence directly.