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Hello, Dude Grow Show got told about ur show by a mate a few months ago and been hooked ever since. I have been watching ever night in bed and i listen when seeing to my girls and i think i have almost listened to every show and love it. Your such a great help for new growers and i thank you all so much anyways let’s get down to the grow-hack i have just started using 2x spider farmer SF2000 in a (1.2m x 1.2m) / (4ft x 4ft) tent with 3x Tangerine Dream and 1x Peyote Critical in fabric pot 16L using and notice within an hour of using the new LEDs the whole unit was very hot so i got fourĀ  6″ clip-on fans and clipped two together and then used two hangers to hold the fans just above the LEDs and wow they are just warm to the hand but before it would start to burn your hand after holding the light for 20sec or so i still got a lot to learn about growing with LEDs and any tips for growing photos and autos under leds i have been growing for 3-years now but i always used a blue 125 and 250 watt CFL light for my veg (not at the same time) and then in flower i used a 600hps dual spectrum in a air-cooled shade with a 6″filter and fan plus 2x tower fans 30″ and never really had a problem in till the summer not that we get much of one but when its 28.c outside it would get upto 33.c in the tent and thats what made me make the move to leds plus these 2x SF2000 are ment to be the same as a 1000watt hps and only using 400-watts and my 600-watts hps was using 680-watts and 780-watts when using the 10%boost.