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What’s up boys, been a long time listener and have learned a substantial amount of knowledge from listening to the podcast while I’m at work. Coming from scotties realm down in SW Florida with a few questions of my own. I’ve pushed 4 completed grows through a 4x2x5 with a 600w HPS and am currently on my 5th one now, But have changed up my light to cut down on power consumption. Just switched 12 girls over to flower under a $150 “900 watt” mace grow led light. It has 4 cobbs and other smaller leds on it pulling 260w out of the wall. Now I know you guys don’t like the cheaper ended leds but this thing is kicking ass in veg. Flowering may be a different story but that is yet to be seen, I’ll keep you guys in the loop. Just wondering what I should be expecting from this type of light and if I should go back to the HPS for flower to put the hammer down and finish them up? And have you guys heard of fox farms strawberry fields for fruiting and flowing plants? The pics show the month long veg up until this point. Preciate you guys!